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Application for a Review of Septic System Requirements for Building Additions, Renovations, and Additional Buildings

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Water Supply

Proposed Changes

Please provide a description of your proposed changes and upload a lot diagram and septic system plan. Be sure to show all structures and well locations, dimensions and separation distances for what is existing and proposed.


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Existing Septic System

Select the type(s) of septic system(s) currently serving the premises? (Select all that apply.)

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Existing Use

If the record of your sewage system is not available and if there is an increase in the sewage flow, it will be assumed that the system is not up to Code and a new system will be required.

Alternatively, the applicant may engage the services of an engineer (with a BCIN number) to conduct a study on the sewage system for which a permit does not exist. If the system is found to meet all the requirements of the Ontario Building Code, the existing system may be accepted. Please contact your Sewage System Inspector to discuss further.

A decrease in the "performance level" beyond the capacity of any component in the system would require compensating construction (upgrading).

Proposed Use